Harrogate Fine Arts is a lively Society and we warmly welcome new members whether joining the Arts Society family for the first time or transferring from another part of the country.

We offer ten lectures a year from the Cairn Hotel in Harrogate. Most start at 1.30pm. Parking is free and you can meet or make new friends over a chatty sandwich lunch. Annual Membership is £50

2018- 2019 Lecture Series

2018 Lectures

October 22nd Mark Spencer "Botanic Gardens of London before Kew"

November 12th Sarah Dunant "Painting the Past: Word and Brush"

December 10th Tom Duncan "The Turkey in Art and Life"

2019 Lectures

January 14th Stella Lyons "Secrets and Symbols in Painting: Unlocking Hidden Meanings in Art"

February 18th Shirley Smith "Leonardo's Women"

March 18th Tony Faber "The Imperial Easter Eggs of Carl Faberge - Before the Revolution"

April 8th Marilyn Elm "The Garden: an Art Form"

May 20th Giles Ramsay "Christopher Marlowe: Poet and Spy"

June 17th Max Jones "The Art of the Hero: Commemorating Scott of the Antarctic"

September 16th Lesley Primo "Johannes Vermeer 1632-1675 and the Delft School of Painting"

October 14th (AGM) Suzanne Fagence Cooper "Ravilious, Piper and English Romantic Modernism"

November 18th Jo Banham "A Decorative Art: the History of Wallpapers"

December 16th Nigel Bates "In the Kingdom of the Sweets"

Harrogate Members enjoy exclusive tours and indepth study days too.

Prospective Members are always welcome Please contact
Joanne Pellow 0113 203 7287