The Love of Line: English Medieval Art and Architecture

Image copyright Dr Sally Dormer.

the Arts Society Wensleydale Lecture 

Dr Sally Dormer, A lecturer for the Art Fund and the V&A, will examine The Love of Line in English Medieval Art and Architecture for The Arts Society Wensleydale on Tuesday 12th March at 2pm in the Middleham Key Centre. The Anglo-Saxons introduced Celtic design when they arrived in the 5th century, instigating an English love affair with line that persisted beyond the Late Middle Ages. Sally, a specialist in medieval art and manuscript illumination, explores its various manifestations. From the zoomorphic interlace patterns of 8th-century Gospels to the exquisite coloured drawings in 10th and 11th-century monastic manuscripts. From the plastic linear ornament in Romanesque Durham Cathedral to the highly sophisticated Perpendicular fan vaults of Bath Abbey. 

New members will receive a very warm welcome. Visitors pay £8 a lecture, refunded if they join. Contact Ros Higson on 01765 635244  for more detail.