Dr Tobias Capwell Lecture Review

(The photo in the slide is by Andy Rain, the main photograph was taken by Martin Haywood).

Dr Tobias Capwell, a world authority on medieval armour, gave a fascinating 50th Jubilee lecture on Richard III for the Arts Society Wensleydale, at Tennants Gardens Rooms. He entertained the 190 members and guests with stories of his childhood obsession with knights, his role as Curator of Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection, and his participation in modern competitive jousting. 

Toby has been deeply involved with research into Richard III since the 2012 discovery of the King’s grave beneath a Leicester car-park. He described the making of his 2014 Channel 4 documentary Richard III: The New Evidence. With the help of Dominic Smee, a teacher with the same curvature of the spine as Richard, Toby was able to demonstrate that rather than being hampered by his armour, it gave the King a greater sense of balance, enabling him to fight effectively in battle.

Sonja Sebright, a member for 10 years, said:

”What a brilliant lecturer with an interesting and different take on Richard III.”

Toby was one of two knights, in full armour, who lead Richard’s burial procession to Leicester Cathedral. There was one amusing hiccup when Toby’s horse came to a sudden stop, halting the whole procession. The horse had heard his favourite sound in the crowd, someone biting into an apple!