New Church Trail for St Mary’s,Thirsk

New Church Trail for St Mary’s,Thirsk 2017

At the end of their Palm Sunday Service, a small group of volunteers from Hambleton Decorative and Fine Arts Society presented St Mary’s Church, Thirsk, with a newly completed Church Trail that they had been instrumental in creating. A number of the children who had been at the Service, including Kayla and Sophie (seen in the photograph), wanted to have a go at answering the questions there and then!

A Church Trail is a two-sided, illustrated, questionnaire which is intended to guide young people, aged between 8 and 12 years, around the church and draw their attention to the architecture, the furnishings and the history of the building. There is also a corresponding answer sheet that incorporates more information. The whole package is designed to encourage children and the adults accompanying them to explore the building, to learn about it and its part in our national heritage and to make them want to visit other churches.